Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have a good break everyone- I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interview Frenchfold Round 2

After taking criticisms from my classmates I have developed a second iteration of the french fold interview of Allyson Peck. Most of the comments concerned the fact that the triangles I employed had more contrast and therefore were more of the subject rather than Allyson. I have counteracted this effect by darkening the triangles and also adding more imagery to the inside of them. The reason why I chose to use triangles as a framing device was due to Allyson's Tattoo on her bicep (an down facing triangle) which is symbolic of women in the broadest sense. Here is the revised french fold.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Point of View Final Animation

The animation that I created aimed at demonstrating the very obsessive nature of lawn care. Lawns have been highly prioritized in America as long as the American dream has existed. This high regard for a high maintenance object is something that leads to a large amount of competition (Whose lawn is the greenest, the best groomed) and this movie is a depiction of this competitive and obsessive action of grooming. The fast paced and repetitive nature of the movement deals with the reality of the pass-time (grass grows.) 
This project has provided a great learning grounds in regards to cross application of assets that I develop. Flash has always seemed to live in isolated territory that made it hard to access in my work. This integration of previously made assets makes Flash more appealing  and viable. Additionally the introduction of the videos have lead me to gain new virtual ground- by setting my own stake down in vimeo. Overall, this project felt like a good close to the semester with the practical application of previously constructed objects and also the acquiring of new skills.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Evolution of the Scythe Final

Here is the final for my Historical booklet. While the digital file is finally done the assembly of the physical artifact still hasn't been finished. During this project I have fine tuned my kerning skills, learned new grid systems, and have made my first layout.  This process has been extremely informative and has opened new doors for my work in the future. 

Type 1 Final Response

This first semester in Type class has been an eye opening one. From learning about en and em dashes to being exposed to intricate grid design I believe that I've come a long way. This semester feels like an exponential growth, rather than the slow, creeping progression that I had in my foundation year. The growth I've has can best be explained by stating the obvious: I'm doing what I want to do. All of the challenges this class has brought I have enjoyed immensely and with each project I learned new toolsets to approach design in the broadest sense. From 3D letterforms to letterpress and beyond these explorations  have expanded my mind and hopefully will inspire and carry on in my work for years to come. So thanks Type 1 and Thank you Marty. It has been an interesting first semester.

The Evolution of the Scythe Round 4

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Visual Communications 1 Final Statement

During this semester in Jamie Gray's Visual communications 1 I have been taught the distilled essence of design. When I came into this department I had a superficial understanding of how things work and through this class I have been slowly refining my viewpoint to reflect how design actually works. As I learned design is based around the communicated meaning of the work. Every compositional choice, subject, and aesthetically value reflected a point of view that could change a viewer's mind in a heart beat. These ideas were concepts that Jamie continued to drill in my head.
As I move forward in the learning stages of my career I'm sure that this semester will be extremely valuable to my work. Without this class I would still have been making things without meaning and things without intention to communicate. So thank you Jamie, it's been a pleasure.

Point of View Test Animations

Test Animation 1

Test Animation 2

Test Animation 3

Test Animation 4

Test Animation 5

Test Animation 6

All of these animations are tests for my final movie which will illustrate the obsessive nature of lawn care.

Animation Storyboards

As part of  the preparation process for creating an animation a storyboard is necessary. Storyboards work well for me because they show exactly how I want an end product to look in my mind at certain points. While the iterative process might change these ideas a little these storyboards provide a map to shape how the final movie will come out.

Paul Rand Video Response

While Paul Rand is known for his creation of iconic corporate logos such as IBM, UPS, and ABC the style that his work is animated in creates a very fluid and transition filled piece that is an excellent example of using motion and  design tools to alter meaning through time. Lines extrude and change color presenting the foreground for a figure to move, objects drop and transform within the blink of an eye. All of these transitions are successful but to me the most important move is in the first 20 seconds of the film. As the IBM "M" appears on a black screen it forces out, creating a grid of lines that then turn the screen white which then pull into the frame, changing color, and then appearing on a boy's finger.
The wild transitions that Imaginary Forces employ are successful due to the sound the movie is set to (whether it is Rand's voice or the beat of a drum) which allows for the mix of slow and fast animations that allows for a more interesting experience.
This movie applies directly to the work that I'm doing within my animation tests and movie. This video has provided valuable resources for me to pull from in regards to the tools that Rand lays out and his words on form/content needing each other to exist.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Evolution of the Scythe Historical Research Booklet Round 2

Round 2 of the historical research booklet.
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Monday, November 14, 2011

E-Book mockups

A Rose for Emily

Red Leaves

That Evening Sun Go Down

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Communicating an Idea Final Posters

In this series I created two points of view: lawn as a learning device and also lawn as a wasteful object. I created a system where the colors of each of the posters would correspond and create more cohesion. Additionally, I wanted to abstract the actual blades of grass so that they would hold visual space for symbols that further elaborated on my point of view (such as money for the wasteful perspective). This choice along with the formal decision to invert the white space unified my work and strengthened it as a whole. These choices, along with the use of continuation create the aesthetic and communication that I wanted in my final product.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Enviromental Typography Documentation

This set of photographs are from the placement of my group's interactive environmental type project. The phrase itself was chosen because often in society, people are so busy with their corporate lives, working in their cubicles or offices, living their fast pace lives that they don’t take the time to break away from their routine and enjoy the beauty that surrounds them every single day. Taking ten minutes out of their busy schedules to walk on a nice day through the park which is literally across the street from their hectic workspace.

We found this whole experience very interesting.  People would walk up and stare at the phrase and you could tell that they were really thinking about the meaning. Sam and I documented the entire experience from a vantage point which seemed to make the interacting individuals more comfortable. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Environmental typography in context and first word

With the progression of the environmental typography my partner Sam and I have produced images that show the context and placement of the letterforms and have completed the first word in "break away". Both the image and completed first word are milestones in the process of this piece that will lead to the final products which are still in development.