Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Environmental typography in context and first word

With the progression of the environmental typography my partner Sam and I have produced images that show the context and placement of the letterforms and have completed the first word in "break away". Both the image and completed first word are milestones in the process of this piece that will lead to the final products which are still in development.


Environmental Typography Process

These are process photos from the woodshop.  The first set is the CNC Router cutting the letter forms.  The rest are photos of the letters all cut out of the panels and the tabs cut off.  So far we have "break" and the "a" in "away".  We also have been working on priming and painting the word "break".
The next step in our work will be the mockup of one of the letters in an environment which should be coming soon--

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Expressing an idea poster thumbnails

In preparation for the posters that I am doing I created a series of thumbnails to preview compositions. The final poster should be coming along soon.

Overlay Exercise

To acquire a new perspective on the compositions that my class was working with we were tasked with creating transparencies and applying them o our work. This new format allowed me to see new interactions within my work and create more interesting compositions. Here are a few of my selected pieces.
You can buy this piece here.

You can buy this piece here.

You can buy this piece here.

You can buy this piece here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Illustrating an idea second round

A Rose for Emily

Red Leaves

That Evening Sun go Down

Find and Share Environmental Typography

When creating environmental typography I think that the most interesting thing is the range of context that the actual statement, where the piece is placed, and how it is done says. Type itself is expressive and with the mixture of type and environment there is a text/image relationship which can be very powerful. One thing that I enjoyed about all of the featured pieces is that they all allow the color of the environment to speak rather then injecting additional meaning with the color of the type. Something that limits these compositions is gravity. One of the things about my group's word choice is that the phrase "break away" allows for a denial of those laws enabling us to float and fly our piece. This floating feeling is something that I hope to accomplish in my work as well as the level of craft, the thoughtfulness of the placement, and the quality of the documentation featured in these works. The final piece will be coming soon..