Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salt Article Final

After addressing some issues with type color and rag I finally feel as though I have completed this assignment. This design challenge allowed me to explore expression of type in a more structured environment and also allowed for me to inadvertently overcome obstacles regarding printing. Where the article falls short in my book is where the actual articles are drawing from. Salt has an ambiguous nature to it and I felt as though this unfocused topic was hard to design for and also to pin down what the article was going to be about. All and all, I'm happy to be rid of the idea and am ready to take the tools that I have developed from this exercise to other projects in the future.

There is reasoning in all of this, see why I did stuff by looking at the branding end of this project here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project 3 Salt Essence Final

This project has been one of the most challegning and interesting thing I've embarked upon this year at KCAI. I think the lessons that I learned about communicating the essence of things are only the beginning of what I've learned.

Really, the most essential thing that I've pulled from this process is to not base an entire system off of something already so abstract and commonplace that it is almost impossible to pull attributes from it without bringing in outside information (I dare you to try to think of salt without mentioning the vial it is contained in or it's cultural connotations.)

This problem, if anything, strengthened my method of thinking abstractly and approaching projects due to my confusion. Generally speaking, I find confusion to be a good thing. It provides spontaneity, questioning, and eventually true expression. While I find that my forms could still use some form of refinement (they always do) I know that I have broken down this  mineral into its most bare and graphic form.
The color pallet directly references food culture, the forms all have a sense of geometry, inclusion, and a simple science that salt has hidden beneath it's surface.
Essence Statement
5 Elements
I wanted to highlight the aspect of salt being embedded into the earth representing how timeless and essential it is while utilizing a labeling system that referenced chemical compound makeups
The Illustration I created expounded upon what the photograph was beginning to do minus the context. I felt the white background enabled the "molecules" to sit in a more sterile lab enviroment. Each of the chains represent things salt can be added to and each of the items are abbreviated in a "txt" format. For instance Fr Fr = French Fries.

The glyph I created directly references a grain of salt blown up at a macro scale (implying a microscope.) This geometric form along with the color combination creates a strong memory for me and hints at the actual form of the mineral without being cliché.

I wanted my logo to reflect the essential and additive nature of salt. both of the bars around the plus sign are holding it in, signifying value and necessity for the object. In the logo the plus sign is acting as salt and is binding the two sides together.

I felt like my logotype needed to reinforce what was being said with the logo. In this case, however, the bars function more as a place setting due to the white space surrounding the letterforms. I also thing this allows for a clear read on the logo, making it require less exposures.

The lettermark directly references the scientific and additive side of salt by making the two letterforms mold together and also playing off of the writing system that chemistry is based off of (charges being positive or negative.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Salt Article Iterations

These are my iterations so far on the Salt Essence Article. For this article I'm actually focusing on health issues, and how salt is only a factor in a person's health. All of these iterations feel very unrefined and disconnect to me, so this weekend will be full of  refining to get this layout up to speed.

Project 3 Final Presentation

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Salt Essence Iteration 4

With this iteration there was further refinement to my keywords with the addition of the application of the buissness card.