Monday, May 7, 2012

Sophomore Review "Wall Map"

In order to prepare for Sophomore Review I've been starting to plan out the wall/desk space.

Desk ~50 inches by x inches (setting width at that size)

Wall x inches.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Applied Theory Post-Class Reflection

I felt like this class was very engaging on the conceptual and thinking level but in regard to the actual content of the assignments I felt like I was hand-held until the final project which was expected (a book compiled of all of the learning components.) Regardless of how the learning was accomplished I can affirm that I have learned a lot about systems regarding semiotics, rhetoric, and communication.

Applied Theory was a stark black and white contrast from my Viscomm 2 class, headed by Michael Kidwell. Where project objectives were obscure for the right reasons (creative licensing) I felt like some of the project objectives were intendedly ambiguous. The sheer mass of finding and creating content really did hone my eye into this thinking process though.

Really what concerned me was the amount of organization needed to accomplish the final task in this class. Since the reference document pulled from all sections of the work all of the files required needed to be very easily accessed and clutter free. I think that the sub-plot style of learning required to actually do the tasks were nice.

Overall, I think Applied Theory played out like a theory class should; it had rigid structure to follow and engaged in multiple ways to think conceptually and also to tackle the same problem (exhibiting work.) Were I think it fell short was the lack of creative freedom with the final product (I didn't feel like there was any reason for the client to demand an oversized, one sided book.) If anything my minor hiccups and critiques were nothing compared to the amount of fundamental and tool-based learning that was achieved through this course.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Reference Document Final [P4]

This reference document finalized and tied off all of the learning that I acquired in the applied theory class.

Each of these theories now act like tools that I can use at any time, ready to make my work more interesting, narratively driven, and compelling. 

I think that one of the biggest things that I struggled with this project at first was the new style of binding. Really, this book format is really alien to me and working so large made me uncomfortable at first. The size yielded to more options for layout which i utilized in my "guiding line" which took the user through the composition.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project 3 Final: Michael Cera

After encountering difficulties with the salt branding applications I decided to switch my focus to Michael Cera. Michael first appeared in a Pillsbury commercial in which he poked the doughboy. From there Cera went to Arrested development as a supporting character and then rose to become a star in movies like Youth in Revolt or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Both on and off camera Michael is characterized by being shy and akward almost to the point of being boyish.

Photo- playing off of the nostalgia aspect of hip culture

Illustration- illustrations that utilize a ballpoint pen were aimed at referencing a more highschool/boyish characteristic

Pictogram- short sleeve button-ups have always been a staple of nerd culture
 utilizing this image embodies that idea and also the akward nature of cera.

Symbol- Further elaborating on the photograph framing treatment this symbol depicts a polaroid 
camera which represents hip culture and also is a reference to one of Cera's promotional shots.

Logotype- I wanted to reference the strippy nature of label makers while using an already awkward typeface (cooper black.) Doing this while also making each part of his name off kilter played on his fun/playful aspects as well.
Lettermark- I wanted the lettermark to achieve some form of harmony with the illustration while also communicating an awkward nature with the separate size and dimensions of each of the letterforms.

T shirt- The T shirt was meant to bridge the gap between the calling card and also the DVD case 
forming another system that characterized the brand applications as a whole.

Website- I wanted Cera's Website to be simple but also playful. If the site actually worked there would be multiple images of Cera panning across the page, each highlighting one famous scene from a movie. I also wanted a sense of play to be noted through the icons that accompany the cooper black navigational tabs.

Calling Card





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