Friday, August 31, 2012

Kinetic Type Find and Share

Kinetic type is the phrase coined to explain moving type. Kinetic typography was first seen in title design, moving into a method of communication within motion graphics. Kinetic type seems useful to me as a method of storytelling and creating a bigger impact than a print piece while still having a small budget.

Kinetic type truly has become an artform that is recognized by the design community.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

weareseventeen Studio Presentation

weareseventeen primarily focuses on british companies, offering a wide range of services. While weareseventeen accepts current trends I feel like they take more artful deviation of them combined with adding their own flavor to motion graphics. WR17 is versatile in their approaches as well. Classically illustrated, center staged, cg'd,  and live action mixed with 3D all dot their demo reel and work.

What I think keeps WR17 vibrant and creative is their use of free time to create more series of work. One of my favorites is the typographic explorations which combine motion graphics and traditional graphic design by making still posters and also a short exploration to show skill.

weareseventeen has been an excellent resource to watch and note upon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tender Buttons Concept Revised

After critique I've made some refinements such as allowing for variable form to appropriate for different amounts of content (long poems compared to short poems.)

Heres the result from the revisions.

Material Explorations: Folly Poster

As a further part of the brainstorming process for the Matthew Rybicki poster I've been exploring materials that abstractly represent concepts that the music expresses.

     Alloy- Strong, pliable, contrasting

Concrete-  Strong, bold

      Leather- Soft, moving, complex, spontaneous

Rhetorical Trope Sketches (selected)

Big Think Series Reading Analysis

The philosophical concept of motion is really an interesting one to ponder. In this article the argument is made that motion can not be expressed without stillness. I find this to be inherently true and also observable in music as well. The pauses are what makes the sound have form, not the actual sound itself. 

This is evident in "Masks" where slowing down/briefly pausing during the animation creates a dramatic moment and tension in the piece. I noticed this when the armies finally lined up, waiting for the order to charge and also when the sword and battleaxe clashed. Tension makes the animation have breathing points and allow for forwarding of the motion and the storyline.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Narrative Find and Share: Inspirational Videos

In this video form weareseventeen for BBC Knowledge I really enjoyed the center-staging and constantly changing textures that really highlighted all of the information. Additionally, the narrator's voice has a calm and experienced tone to it which makes me think that the video has legitimacy.

Everything in the spot has a very flat illustration style to it which alludes to a more objective and stable way of viewing knowledge. This illustration style mixed with the constant movement of the animation and the pacing seems to fit like a glove with the constant changing climate of knowledge.

The soundtrack itself sounds curious and has just the right clusters of tones while maintaining a soft enough presence to allow the user to focus on the visuals and the information being presented by the narrator.

This video is great due to the storytelling element along with the complexity of working with the camera at angles while accounting for motion shake. Learning the 3D process of this short would be something that I'd like to accomplish this semester.

An early example of kinetic type from the opening titles of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest.

Tender Buttons Concept



Create a series of cards that contain the selected poems, linking each card by chaining the similar objects found in the poems. All of the cards will be contained in an enclosing box. All of the cards will be symmetrical "inkblot" style collages of the objects and interactions found between the poems. The poems that I selected seem to be a series of consecutive thoughts, each leading to another. I wanted to express this abstract narrative in stages that visually fed each other.

Kind of how I imagine the vessel working for the cards.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Folly Poster: Mood Board

Descriptive Words: Spontaneous, Complex, Moving, Soft, Dynamic, Contrasting, Bold