Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Type 3: Tender Buttons Final

Design intent: Ipad App

Poem Selection (Tapping)

Navigation (swipe down to activate, left and right to choose poem title.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

HCD Project 2: Folly Application

First iteration Billboards:

 Billboard Sketches:

Animation spot sketches:

Program Flyer Sketches:

Folly Poster Final

After deliberating behind design concept I have switched gears and come up with this poster:

Concept: Assemble all members of the band behind the symbol of the lead man (Rybicki's upright bass.)

Color: I wanted to tone down my color pallet in comparasin to the last iterations due to a re-listening of Rybicki's music. I was trying to pull too much information out of his songs, leading to an overly complex interpretation.

Interested in hearing the music behind the poster? Click Here.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Folly Poster: Matthew Rybicki refinements

Inspiration 09.13.12

"The Gift" analysis

My initial thoughts with the short drifted towards how bleak everything looked despite the grand nature of the architecture and technology. All of the spaces seemed essentially empty with the focal point being around the gift rather than the people interacting in the spaces. The cinematography and lighting (being predominately yellow and also having a very blurred depth of field) all added to the drama and mystery surrounding the box for me.

I felt like the spoken word being in Russian added an element of depth for me, the foreign nature to the audience (being presumably english speaking) once again adds a degree of mystery and ability to seem feasible with the language barrier.

The CG elements really didn't catch my eye or fit in too directly. They felt like a dark version of pixar thrown onto a pixel perfectly shot scene. The primary exception of this was the box. The intricacy of the object fit in perfectly with the antiquated city.

The actual narrative of the story is very well presented, with just enough being not shown to allow for the viewer to gather information and then draw their own conclusions. Not laying out everything on the table in a blunt way allows for the piece to have grace in it's story telling which is seem very predominately in the open-ended conclusion to the narrative.

Overall, I felt like the narrative was well shot and preformed but lacked in the CG component not due to the motion but due to the amount of specificity found in all of the other objects in the world.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Folly Poster Inspiration 2

Thinking about hand illustration for the poster.. Maybe stepping out of my comfort zone.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Narrative Project 2 Concept

Mark Twain 
otherwise known as Smauel Langhome Clemens


I really enjoyed the way this film festival's bumpers transitioned and moved. In Mark Twain's Poem I think that this style of movement could be used to help convey time. Repeating the same movements could be useful for making the full year transition.

Stills from the animation:

Additionally, the 1800s marked the beginning of the slab serif. While I don't know exactly which Egyptian face to use I think that these faces have a very masculine and strong characteristic that is seen in Twain's writing voice. Slab serifs will allow for a time period- aware look and also reinforce the masculinity of Twain.

Typeface options:

The Poem:

These annual bills! these annual bills!
How many a song their discord trills
Of 'truck' consumed, enjoyed, forgot,
Since I was skinned by last year's lot!

Those joyous beans are passed away;
Those onions blithe, O where are they?
Once loved, lost, mourned-now vexing ILLS
Your shades troop back in annual bills!

And so 'twill be when I'm aground
These yearly duns will still go round,
While other bards, with frantic quills,
Shall damn and damn these annual bills! 
Concept: Stacking type allows the narrative to move forward, simulating the years. As more bills stack up, the speed of the narrative increases, with the logos of the loan agencies making up the imagrey.

Initial Digital Sketches:

I think due to the strong voice of the writer this animation will be center staged for the most part.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Found image for Folly reference

One of my concepts is to make a body out of the instruments, with each of them making the "soul" of the music. This seems relevant.

Folly Poster Sketches