Wednesday, January 30, 2013

UX: How to Reference material

Steps that the video will be covering:

Acquire tools (Hookah, coals, shisha, tongs, windscreen or aluminum foil, shredder or cutting implement, water.)

Take bowl & Water Jar off body stem

Start heating coals

Fill Water Jar with liquid or water (advanced techniques allow for mixing of flavors in water.)

Take Shisha out of jar

Cut Shisha removing stems, place in bowl

Make sure Shisha is packed to the brim of the bowl

Take a piece of foil or your windshield and wrap the top of the bowl firmly

If you are wrapping with aluminum foil take a pin, toothpick, or the back of your tongs (pin-side) and poke small holes on the windshield for the Hookah to be able to breathe.

Put the water jar back onto the body adding the Bowl/head to the body as well.

After the coals have turned gray bring them safely to the hookah, placing them on bowl/head (with windscreen) making sure that the coals are spaced out.

Clear the pipe by blowing out on the hose, then begin inhaling to "start up" the hookah


Rotate coals to ensure that the Shisha doesn't char.

Here are some reference videos for Collin and my How-to video for smoking Hookah.

Cinematography, color (or lack of it,) luxury setting

Color, setting, speed

Format, sound design, lighting

austere enviroment, simplicity

Monday, January 28, 2013

Type 4: Wall

"Describe to me the current state of typography."
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