Monday, April 29, 2013

T4: Edwing Interview and Reactions

Edwing Interview:

Original Intention
-pull away from type & print being permanent
-supposed to disappear

First week Desired End Product
-Wall mural that faded to nothing
-chemical based issues stopped this.

Practical vs lux
-It needed to be QUICK, ROUGH, DIRTY, MODEST.
-there is something nice about the humility of the raw material

The high point of the work
-my educated guesses were correct.
-lucky guesswork that allowed things to run smoothly.

From this I wanted to create a timed design-exercise game.

T4: Experiment Observations

I think that the learning through other people's experiments in T4 has become some of the most important information gathered in the class. Through the progression of some selected student's work I think that there is room for growth in myself. T4 has acted as a small cosmos of energy, allowing for free thought and progression to bloom manifesting itself into these 3 lessons.

The most prominent lesson for me has to be the use of time as a medium when displaying messages. While almost everyone has experimented with this format I think that most recently Andra's Simple experiments that have been geared towards Brian Rusak's animation have been the most formally appealing to me. Work with the design of an animator's brand identity and time seems natural and fits the purpose of the messaging. 

Additionally, I think that the audience has been reached out to with Sam's social type experiment. The incorporation of selected individuals to collaborate can yield really interesting results. I think that the removal of control from the design of the piece makes things more interesting like in Anna De Sando's most recent compositions.

Control has also been removed in Edwing's work, allowing for the element that he is working with (wax) change state and shape, allowing for more organic design. This exploration into a single material is something that I think should be visited by everyone, I think that his explorations (along with Collin who is working on a similar idea with balloons) make his body of experimental work strongly tied together and shows more creative problem solving than other experimental studies.

If anything, all of these experiments have allowed me to question what is possible outside of the computer, austere, and click-based environment that we (as students and professionals) so often work in. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

IA: P3 Buttons Testing

IA: P3 Working dimensions and iPhone 5 Notes

Buttons and tappable areas should be 44px squared

Status bar is 20 px

3 screens designed

640 x 1136 at 326 ppi

IA: Mirroring tests for App.

All images based off of original sculptures in the Nelson Atkins Park, then run through some filters.

Two planes (greyscale orig)

Two Planes Cut out.

Final Product, ready to be posted.

IA: Reading Response 042613

4 Surprising App-Design Principles

design the app like no one is going to see it
design it simple, easy to navigate
keep navigation the same throughout, from home screen to last page
don't force users to sign in/up
repeat, repeat, repeat

How Tech Is Changing the Museum Experience

Downloaded Museum Hunt, an app after a group of students at the Nelson told me about it. This adds a new layer of interactivity, adding scavenger hunts and additional information in a more user-friendly experience

easy recognition of icons should be high priority, make it easy on the user
should be based on newer associations of objects, don't reference styles of the object that is no longer readily available+popular
keep the style consistent
if creating a productivity style app, have the standard app icons in their native form, not words or blank
for other tab icons, there are websites that have icons for you to use or you can create your own following closely the guidelines


Remember the basic iPhone Gestures, swipe, tap, pull down to update, double tap to zoom, etc.

there are standard gestures for multi-touch that many apps include, adding the familiarity of navigation
most custom gestures, those outside of the standard are often used in games, art or music
keyboard stays the same for searches; keep consistent
when designing think about what the finger or hand is covering when using to navigate the app
focus on simplifying and testing with audience group

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

IA: Mobile Discussion and App Usability

I think the lock screen is the greatest model of usability on an iPhone 5—After knowing my password and using it for a while I can type in my password without looking/feedback

Facebook, of course, has a very refined interface. With attention the new version of the buttons have a very user friendly hit zone but, due to their variable location it's not really possible to do this without looking (although why would you?)
I love the fact that the interface of Fb has slowly disappeared all the way down to this white/grey icon set and square boxes (from their Identity blue bar on top etc.) The mobile version has been kind of an experiment for the web version of the site and has more traction for me.

As a new arm of Facebook Instagram has a great interface and intuitive secondary controls (double tap to like) along with a good supporting icon set to send feedback about the actions you're preforming (such as the heart for when you're liking something.) The one downfall of this app is, unlike twitter or Facebook, it's a little more difficult to follow people without stumbling upon their photos. There isn't a "Friends near you/similar to you" feature.Like on Facebook and Twitter respectively. Another intersting note is that Instagram started as an app, moving to web based subsidiary platform. This reassures me at least that mobile is slowly conquering web as a platform.

Usage senarios

Finding sculpture via virtual map, accessing information by pointing phone/camera at the sculpture to see aug-reality information

Using app to find out where to park/ordering tacos ahead of time

Using app once sculptures are found to have a 3d view of the sculputre & the ability to draw on it (mustache stickers.)

Foursqaure integration on app to enable a "photobooth" style overlay, unlocked at each sculpture.

Foursquare integration for finding each sculpure, custom icons & rewards

Selected Idea:
"Sculpture Remix" by taking photos of sculptures in the pinged location you can apply a filter turning your photo into a paper-cutout craft that is projected onto the zocalo wall. The images scroll as more are added.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

T4: Experiment 6

On the quest to promote knowledge about the proposed gun control law along with real-world statistics I started attempting to apply graphics in meaningful ways. This week I applied the graphics where they would be seen at night, off the beaten path.

P3: Mood Board & Exploring

Color Inspiration for type

Trying out some hand-drawn title type.

Attributes & other findings.

Potential Fiesta Mascot? (luchadors?)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Art Swap Alpha

The Art Swap Alpha is now open for testing. Email me to get a key.