Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UX: Fiesta the Final

Collin Mooney and my Fiesta Map system and brochure came from some pretty cool beginnings. It all started with the inspiration of cut paper and the fascination of Luchador culture that propelled us to make an Energetic, Fun, and Legible system to help families through the Kansas City Sculpture Park.

Moodboard & First Luchador

Our first priority was the ergonomic form of the built artifact. Above all else, the piece needed to be able to be used by kids. The resulting vessel was a mash-up of Blue's Clues and (the more adult version) simple field guides used for plant and animal identification (think birds, leaves, etc.)


This yielded a colorful (and brand-standard compliant) solution that embraced the Frida Khalo exhibit while showing exciting and playful nuances.

The Field Guide Closed (left) and open (right)

This system yielded the idea for the kid-sized Luchador (for interactive photos) along with the utilization of our icon set for wayfinding. 


Final System