Friday, February 28, 2014

PP: Responsive Web Tests (iPhone 5)

DP: More research and development


From Edwing—perhaps using perspective to show the dynamic nature of bikes would be better than the stock oblique that is seen in current work for motorcycles/motor industry

Rider Research (part)

SX: Exhibit Mockups

Basic Renderings for the first wall

Initial writing for History summary

With Art Nouveau came the first major stylistic movement in which mass-produced graphics, as opposed to traditional forms of printmaking, played a key role. Techniques of color printing were finally reaching fruition with lithography with the introduction of new forms such as Style Mucha which inevitably became known as Art Nouveau.

Print advertisement and posters were now commonplace in culture, the creation of these forms allowed for the promotion of events such as stage performances at theaters such as Mouvlan Rouge. These primordial prints allowed for the development and fruition of expression found in contemporary poster design. 

This event celebrates the roots of modern poster design, recognizing the artists who paved the way for promotional event pieces (or “gig” posters, if you’re so inclined) by annotating the connections they have to the work that followed them.

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PP: Site Map

DP: Process Progress

experimenting with the levels for the safety program, I think that Squid is the most appropriate entry level.

Study of color by super bike racing teams.

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DP: Map

PP: Sites I Like



PP: SS Site experimentation

So this has some dummy content in it but I think that this new template with variable site width is working a lot better. Much less infuriating than the other template.

Content seems to be working alright in the page but, I'm wondering how scaling works in SS. It seems to be somewhat inefficient.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PP: Business cards rev 1

PP: Impressions on Prosite, Square Space, and Cargo

From using pro site in the past, to having a in-progress Cargo, and now engaging in Square Space I think the ol' SS is the best bargain. One thing that has been an annoyance of SS is that the CSS styling of the pages you're laying out aren't really done in a live feed. Once content has been laid out then it is applied  to your CSS styling, mucking up what you thought was a perfectly good layout.

Prosite handles this very well by doing everything in live-edditing (like an illustrator or photoshop, oh wait, it's produced by Adobe) style, which makes it feel very natural for us designer folk.

The deal breaker for me will be if or if not I can quickly adapt to the Square's styling quirkiness since it is quite heavily cheaper (7 buck/mo less than pro site) and still integrates the functionality that behance has, minus the instant pushing from behance to your custom website.

Edit: Square Space's typeface collection is much better than Behance (no futura? come on!) but the functionality of prosite still way better. 

Prosite is not responsive, SS is.

More to come—

PP: Potential Informational Interviews, Reading, and Revisions


I'm really interested in talking to design ranch about their work for Nara. As a patron of the restaurant and also someone who is interested in working in collaboration with architects this project would be along the lines of something I'd love to embark on.


I'd really like to talk to Propaganda 3 about the collaborative process when working with an agency that is doing the identity design, leaving the rest of the lifting to you. How does a website like this get populated with content (ex: who is doing the shooting for the events and how are things being sources?)


I'd really like to talk with Meers about their work with small businesses and how they have convinced start ups in the past to create work that in some aspects is expensive. How can design process be tailored to a small business? Are there any secrets to sourcing this stuff?


What input did you have in the actual form of the bottle? What were you trying to invoke with the packaging? Shatto milk has been somewhat of a mystery to me, visually. I'd be really interested in just picking brains about it and it's home-grown nature.

I just think that this photography is hilarious. (accidentally cropped out his lil' paws.)


Being critically acclaimed I figured there would be merit somewhere in here.

I really want to hear from designers what are the big advantages and disadvantages to working at an agency that has big name clients (mc D's hostess, etc.) how much creative freedom is allowed? How are teams formed? Are you guys allowed to see the client at all?

Reading Response
(How Awkward People can Start Conversations.)

I felt like there was some kind of un-mentioned subtext that was put into this reading. Iguess we're all a little awkward! Among other New Year's resolutions I think that combatting awkward-ness was way up there on the list.

I think that with the integration of smaller circles of people the "shyness" factor has increased exponentially. With me though, I think my awkwardness comes from selecting what to share.

One of those things that can really be helped in my department is the sincere suggestions Fast co. gives. Things as simple as saying: 

"I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the deluge of info that's being firehosed at us today. Is there one nugget of brilliance that’s really resonating with you?" 

Are tools that I wish I had on command. I'm not one for planning in events that I hope are organic but, having an arsenal of questions and statements to frame a situation very well would be helpful.



Color is still up in the air, with the web elements I've been experimenting with I think that I'm still leaning towards a darker pallet involving black.

A light or simply white backed resumé would be used for "crappy printers" and paper.

(Short Bio)

(short bio)
Currently exploring the midwest, Ian has begun work with many agencies and is focusing on developing relationships with people in the creative community. He uses his free time to explore virtual worlds, ride bikes, and climb trees.

(medium bio)
Currently exploring the midwest, Ian has begun work with many agencies and is focusing on developing relationships with people in the creative community. He uses his free time to explore virtual worlds, ride bikes, and climb trees.

A graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute, Ian has become shaped into an inquisitive learner, someone who is interested in concepting, audience empathy, and reason-driven design. His college experience has transformed him into an avid connoisseur of pizza, well made design, and internet culture.

For my bio, I wanted to keep it short after reading multiple articles on bio writing. It seems the more you keep to the point and assert a few values you're interested in the better you are.

The Resumé is Dead, The Bio is King

8 Steps to bio writing